How To Empty Trash On Android

Learning how to empty trash on Android is essential when freeing up device memory. If you find that your memory is always full, you will be stuck looking to delete files over and over. Your phone will start to slow down, and you’ll probably need to optimize your device.

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However, deleting unnecessary files and apps will help you with your memory issues. This can be a bit confusing to actually do, however, as there is trash on Android devices for you to empty.


So you may be wondering how to empty trash on Android? You can get rid of all of the unused trash on your Android device, which will help you when it comes to keeping your memory in check. You can do this by tossing out a number of different things. Let’s start with your unused apps.

How to empty trash on Android
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Unused Apps – How To Empty Trash On Android

Your apps will be taking up a bulk of your storage. You can go into Settings, and then to Apps to see a list of the apps you have on your device. Once you are looking at the list, it is worth checking to see if there are any apps that you are currently not using and tapping Uninstall. This is all you need to do to clear out this trash. 

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Next, you will want to go through and delete the files you’ve downloaded. Often, you might download files to then never use them again, allowing them to take up a fair bit of your memory.

Navigate to the “Downloads” folder, and then select a bunch of the files that you have there and delete them. Just deleting them is enough – there is no secondary save for you to find and delete them from, and this can really improve your memory.

Clear Cache Too

While you are clearing out all of the junk on your device, you can clear the cached data that your phone has saved for you, to optimize your experience. This can, over time, take up a lot of memory and often isn’t needed.


Go to Settings, then Storage. Navigate to Cached Data and hit Delete all, which will then clear it out. If you’d prefer to delete the cached data in specific apps, you can go to settings, and apps, then select the app and hit Clear Cache instead.

Though there is no physical trash area on your android device, you are still able to empty the digital trash you have accumulated on your device, which should speed it up and give you more memory.

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