Print From Android – Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to using your Android device as a home computer, for everything you want to do, you may wonder if you can print from Android devices. As it turns out, you can!

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While technology improves and continues to innovate, more ways to integrate and use your tech have been made. With that, Android phones and tablets are now able to print, directly from the device to your printer. This article will go over how to print from Android.


Print from Android

Print from Android
Credit: Android

Google Cloud Print has been created essentially to allow people to use Android devices to print. Once you have your printer set up, you can just use your Android device, but before that, it might be best to use a computer to set up your printer properly.

Google Cloud Print

Print from Android
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  • Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Step 2: Select the Hamburger Menu button (three horizontal lines) on the top right-hand corner of the window.
  • Step 3: Select the Settings option
  • Step 4: Select Advanced on the sidebar then scroll down to Printing
  • Step 5: Under the Printing options, select Google Cloud Print
  • Step 6: Select Manage Cloud Print Devices at the bottom of the screen, then Register next to the printer that you want to be printing from.
  • Step 7: Select Confirm.

Now that your printer is all set up and available for your Android device, you will need to set up everything on your phone.

Set Up Other Apps

Android handset
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  • Step 1: On your Android device, go to the Play Store and find the App called Cloud Print and install it. 
  • Step 2: Open any of the files you would like to print, either in Google apps like Gmail or photos, or on your dropbox, or wherever. You may need to download or screenshot a file to print it off if it is from the internet. 
  • Step 3: Select the Menu button on the top, right-hand side of your screen and then tap Print.
  • Step 4: You may then need to tap the dropdown arrow to select a printer if you have a few printers connected.
  • Step 5: Select the Print Button, which looks like a printer.

Now that you are able to connect your printer to your Android device and print, it should be much simpler for you to use your device. After it is all set up, you don’t even need to turn on your computer again to use it to print.


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