Former GTA Developers Are Working On A ‘Ready Player One’ Style Game

Former GTA developers are producing a new game called “Everywhere” which is similar to Ready Player One.

Leslie Benzies, former Rockstar North and GTA producer, left Rockstar in 2016. After leaving, he formed a new studio called “Build a Rocket Boy”. That studio is now working on a brand new game named “Everywhere”.

A new tweet by the “Everywhere Network” has revealed more info about the upcoming game. And judging by the contents, it sounds similar in premise to something like Ready Player One.


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What is Everywhere?

The game is being described as “real-life” Ready Player One. It’s an open world AAA game with multiplayer, and apparently has a “multi-chapter epic narrative”.

Users will be able to create their own content in a virtual sandbox, creating their own worlds. It also has “deep social and streaming integrations”. So it seems like the game will have a heavy focus on multiplayer and social interaction, as well as content creation.


We still don’t know much beyond these details, and it’s safe to say it won’t be out for a while. There is no planned release date, so we’ll have to wait for more announcements. Hopefully the new team can put together a good title that delivers on the concept.

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Featured Image Credit: Pexels